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What U Waiting For? vs. Hash Pipe

WUW4? vs. HP

The other night I found myself watching Muchmoremusic when the latest video for Gwen Stefani came on.  It's called "What U Waiting For?" and a great deal of it sounds an awful lot like "Hash Pipe" from Weezer.

What's happened to Gwen Stefani anyways?  If I remember correctly, she was once in a pretty decent band.  They were an interesting blend of ska, punk and pop and their Tragic Kingdom album found its way into my collection.  Then, this band all but dropped their ska and punky sound, kept the pop but kicked it up a notch and introduced the r&b flavour of the month.  No doubt, this band started to suck and they were adopted by the same fanbase that hailed Justin Timberlake and Usher as megastars.

Now Gwen's gone solo and is ready to take her place alongside Kelly Clarkson, Jessica Simpson and Hillary Duff as a pop princess.  You've got your big G's, I've got my hash pipe.

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