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Anyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to  I received the following submission earlier today.

By this shall all men know, that in the name of the peaceful and honest people on planet Earth, it has been announced this November 26th of the year 2004: Declaration of Public Outlawship on the Bush Administration
  1. Any person who is an extreme danger to democracy, freedom of society, the environment, any other precious values of the human race or to mankind, fauna or flora in general, thereby never showing any remorse about his/her lies, wicked undertakings, election-cheatings, oil-wars, marauding, religious insanity and other evil endeavors, may be declared public outlaw for that.
  2. The Bush administration fully meets the conditions as outlined in #1 and is herewith declared public outlaw.
  3. Everyone teaming up with a public outlaw will cause an immediate declaration of public outlawship for those teaming up.
  4. Separation from the Bush administration through retirement, change of mind, removal from office or through any other cause, voluntarily or by force, does not automatically end the public outlawship, once so declared.
  5. A current public outlaw does not have any public rights at all. He/she may be made subject to harsh criticism or mockery and ridicule by anyone without the right of complaint.
  6. Criticism, mockery and ridicule may be exercised by anybody in whatever mode, manner, method, style or approach. Mockers and ridiculers may exaggerate, lie, spin, amplify, inflate, lay on thicker, overstate, overstress or twist facts to any extend deemed necessary to vividly characterize the evil character and dangerous potential of the public outlaw.
  7. Foul or vulgar language on bumper stickers, signs, graffiti or other displaying, when picking on a public outlaw, is allowed without any kind of limitation.
  8. The use of the Internet, including web sites, blogs, comments, feedback, e-mail, polls or any other instruments on the net, in use presently or in future, is explicitly encouraged for criticizing a public outlaw or making him subject to mockery and ridiculing.
  9. A current public outlaw may demonstrate through good behavior his willingness to return to the standards of civilization and can ask for resocialization. The public outlaw should also give good reasons for his/her request. Nevertheless, the society is free to decline any request without giving reasons.
  10. #9 does not apply to permanent public outlawship, which shall be endless.
  11. The Bush administration, including it's present, past or future members, quislings and collaborators, are under permanent public outlawship.
  12. #11 shall be irreversible for our days and shall only end on judgment day when any power on earth will dissolve into nothing in the face of the Almighty and to whom we leave the Bush administration in humble acknowledgement of our own weakness.
Anno Domini 2004, 26th of November
The not insane part of the human race

That's quite the Guest Blog, Thomas.  Will you be on Parliament Hill when Dubya arrives Tuesday?  You can keep the anti-war protestors, pot-smokers and gay marriage advocates company.  Personally, I prefer sticking to #8 on your very interesting twelve-point manifesto.

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