The Mike Hunt

The Mike HuntThe mediocre CFNY Edge 102 morning show is holding another annoying contest this week they call The Hunt for Mikes. The objective is to come to their store front studio with more Mikes than anyone else. As I see it, it's a lame, one-note joke that's already boring me to tears. Saying "mike hunt" out loud stops being funny when you're in grade 7. Go ahead and say it. Was it funny? Of course not.

I'm only mentioning this hunt for Mikes because I happen to be a Mike. I've always been one, since birth actually. It's not easy being a Mike. Please permit me to share my pain.

During a typical year in school, it was not uncommon for me to be one of three, four or even five Mikes. It was such a common name that I stopped responding to it altogether. Someone would call for a Mike and I wouldn't even glance over to see if it's for me. The odds were heavily against it.

Take for example my slo-pitch team, Raging Storm. There are eight men on the team and three of them are named Mike. 37.5% of the guys on my team share the name Mike. Fellow Mikes will know this story because it belongs to them as well. There's no challenge in a Mike hunt.

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