MiracleHere's an idea. When I see a movie, I'll jot down a few sentences about what I thought of it and rate it on a scale of 1-10. I'm full of good ideas.

Miracle: 5 out of 10.

I watched this flick about the 1980 US Olympic hockey team that won gold in Lake Placid on DVD earlier today. Part of my problem with this movie is the fact I'm all too familiar with the real life story of this team. In other words, it was awfully predictable and it's not easy to relive the glory of an American hockey team. Had this film been about the 1972 Summit Series, my familiarity with the story wouldn't have made a difference, I'm sure. Asking me to root for the red, white and blue in a hockey game, even if they are playing the Soviet Union, is a near impossible feat in it's own right.

I thought the re-enactment of the hockey games were supurb. It was shot in extremely realistic fashion with Al Michaels and Ken Dryden's recreated commentary along for the ride. This movie made me miss hockey again. Boy did it make me miss hockey. I can't wait for the World Cup of Hockey later this month.

The awesome hockey footage and the fact that Herb Brooks passed away shortly after principle photography was shot made this movie decent, but the predictability and plodding nature of the film held it at five stars our of ten.

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