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My Toronto Blue Jays were beat by the Boston Red Sox 6-4 last night.  That gave the Sox the three-game sweep and dropped the Jays to a season-high 23 games under .500.  We're now 49-72 and have lost 13 of our past 15 games.

I've been a huge Blue Jays fan since the '83 season when I discovered a young, talented team that was experiencing it's first pennant race.  There have been plenty of highs since then, and a few lows in recent years, but I don't remember a season as difficult to enjoy as this one.  I'm at the point where I'm actually numb to Jay losses.  When we lose a game or get swept in a series, I psychologically throw it on the pile and thank God that we're one more game closer to the end of this season from hell.  It's a little like debt.  When you're a couple of thousand dollars in the hole, you make a concerted effort to pay it off.  When you're a couple of hundred thousand in debt, you stop caring.  You're so buried, what's another couple of bucks?

In 2004, the Blue Jays are awful.  We stink.  We lead the American League in losses for the month of August.  We're going to finish last in the American League East.  I just want to press the fast-forward button on this season and start fresh with a clean slate in 2005.  The drive of 2005...I can't wait.

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