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Doc Martens

Doc Martens

I've been wearing the same shoes for the past fifteen years.  Ok, it's not the same pair of shoes, but the same shoe.  Black, three-hole Doc Martens with yellow stitching.  I bought my first pair at the age of fifteen and I just go out and buy a new pair once I've worn my current pair into the ground. My theory is, if it ain't broken, don't fix it.  I've found a type of shoe I like and I see no need to mess with a winning formula.

For years and years there were a couple of great shops on Yonge Street near Wellesley that sold my shoe at a great price.  Every year or two I'd drop in and pick up a new pair.  These stores, I remember one was called "IXL", are gone and it's become quite the challenge finding my black, three-hole Doc Martens with yellow stitching for a half decent price.

I've just noticed a hole developing in my current pair so I'll be resuming the hunt shortly.  Queen Street, here I come!

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