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Some asshole decided he was bigger than the final athletic event of the Athens Olympics and grabbed the marathon race leader with just five kilometres remaining.  The race began in the town of Marathon, northeast of Athens, 47.2 kilometres from the Olympic Village, following the ancient route Athenian soldier Pheidippides was said to have taken to deliver the news of a victory over the Persians at the battle of Marathon.  It was to be the ideal end to a fairly safe and secure showcase of the world's greatest athletes.

Vanderlei de Lima of Brazil did recover enough to finish with the bronze, but we'll never know how he would have fared had he not been grabbed by this jerk and pulled him into the crowd.  Canadian Ron Bensimhon sported a blue tutu and jumped into the Olympic Aquatic Centre pool during the men's synchronized three-metre springboard event, that's that rather funny and enlightening compared to today's act.  It really pisses me off that this incident today effected the outcome of the race.  What a damn coward.  What a prick.

The sign this idiot was wearing said, "The Grand Prix Priest. Israel Fulfilment of Prophecy Says The Bible. The Second Coming is Near."  Hey buddy, next time, take out an ad in the paper.  You're no Ron Bensimhon, that's for sure.

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