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Eleven Twelve - As a toddler, I spent a great many hours watching Sesame Street.  Looking back at Sesame Street as a guy quickly approaching thirty, I have a lot of good memories, but two sequences in particular stick out in my mind.

One bit had Cookie Monster trying to get a train over a bridge but an avalanche dumps a ton of snow on the tracks and Cookie Monster is left wondering how he'll ever get the train through.  There was something stunning about the imagery of this sequence with the mountainous backdrop and the train trying to triumph over the chaos surrounding it.  Another bit I always loved was "Pinball Number Count" which you might remember better for it's killer theme song "One two three, four five, six seven eight nine ten, eleven twelve" which played while we follow a pinball bouncing around.  This link is to a cool remix of this memorable song.  If you want the MP3, you can get it here.

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