Most Listened to Bands

Most Listened to BandsI've been using the Audioscrobbler plug-in for Winamp for about three weeks now. Feel free to check out my Audioscrobbler page to see what I've been listening to.

This thing is great. It works so deep under the covers I don't even realize it's doing it's thing. For fun, here are the ten bands I've listened to the most over the past three weeks. By the way, the page will show Disney at number nine, but that's just how the Bear in the Big Blue House theme was credited and James listened to it on repeat for a while causing it to register 34 times.

  1. Nirvana
  2. Pearl Jam
  3. The Tragically Hip
  4. Beastie Boys
  5. Alice In Chains
  6. Public Enemy
  7. System of a Down
  8. The White Stripes
  9. Radiohead
  10. Sublime

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