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He wasn't just good, he was scary good.  Over the past week I've spun every Nirvana CD in my collection.  I've listened to Bleach, Nevermind, Incesticide, In Utero and MTV Unplugged in New York (Live) several times each.  Every note reminded me of how talented a musician Kurt Cobain was and this entry will never be able to do his talent justice.

Perhaps this will.  On November 18, 1993, Nirvana performed an acoustic show at Sony Music Studios in New York for MTV.  The performance was taped and posthumously released on CD as the aforementioned MTV Unplugged in New York (Live).  Everything was done in one take, as live, with absolutely no re-takes.  There was minimal rehearsal and not a single run through of the actual play list Kurt would settle on.  Kurt was also going through withdrawal and needed periodic hits of valium to keep him from falling to pieces.

Having read the previous three sentences of this entry, spin MTV Unplugged in New York (Live).  Even if you don't consider yourself a Nirvana fan or don't give a shit about Kurt Cobain and his death that was reported ten years ago today, give this disc a spin.  Hell, if you don't have it or access to it, I will personally hook you up.  Contact me for details.  I feel that strongly about this.

One take, completely live to tape and an absolutely perfect end result.  Pure genius.

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