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When I first read about Google's new webmail service, I thought it was another April Fool's Day joke.  Google unveiled Gmail, "an experiment in a new kind of webmail, built on the idea that you should never have to delete mail and you should always be able to find the message you want."

In a bold attack against Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail, Gmail offers 1000 MB of free storage.  That's right, they're going to give us each a whole GB of storage for our email while Hotmail offers 2 MB.  I have a Yahoo! Mail account and get a whopping 6 MB from them.  1000 MB is hard to believe.  This is why I thought it was a hoax.

It turns out it's no joke.  This is the real deal and this could get very interesting.  Imagine the possiblities with a GB of storage at your fingertips.

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