The Federal Budget

The BudgetI was just reading the official news release from the Government of Canada regarding the 2004 Federal Budget. One change in particular captured my attention immediately. Listed as one of the "key initiatives of the budget" was the following:

Providing a new Canada Learning Bond of up to $2,000 for every child, born after 2003, in a family that is entitled to the National Child Benefit (NCB) supplement. An initial $500 bond will be provided, with subsequent $100 annual installments for children, until age 15, in each year that the family is entitled to the NCB supplement.

$2,000 for every child born after 2003...who do I know that's having a child after 2003? Oh yeah, me. This sounds pretty good, doesn't it? But says this is paid out to families that are "entitled to the NCB supplement". Upon further review, we're making way too much money to see a penny of this $2,000. We're not making huge coin by a long shot, but when it comes to the government's definition of a low-income family that receives such benefits, we come off looking like the Rockefellers.

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