The Simpsons Movie

Simpsons MovieFor well over a decade, I've been dreaming about a full-length movie starring The Simpsons. If I close my eyes tight, I can see it now and it's damn funny. I can also see the smile on my face while I watch 100 minutes of my friends from Springfield on the big screen. They've made South Park into a movie and The X-Files, but I had nearly given up on the idea of a Simpsons movie.

But wait. In this article from there is an exclusive interview with producer and veteran writer of "The Simpsons", Mike Reiss. The interview was about the next Simpsons DVD, but he was asked about the Simpsons movie. Here's what he said. "It's been 13 years of wanting to do "The Simpsons" Movie. Finally FOX said, "Let's just do it!" We never had the greatest idea that was compelling but FOX said, "Maybe if we start paying you, you'll get inspired." And sure enough it worked! We've got a very good and interesting idea and it's different from the show. You know, it's like the "South Park" movie where it's just a bigger, longer, amplified version of the show. I can't tell you anything specific about it. My wife doesn't even know the secret." When asked when he thought this movie would come out, Reiss said "I will say two years from this summer. I think it's going to be Summer 2006 or maybe Christmas 2006. It's a reality after being just sort of this phantom idea. I think it is really gonna happen."

Lets hope it's really gonna happen this time. The world needs laughter.

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