Lawsuits Coming

Lawsuits ComingThe Canadian Recording Industry Association is about to file dozens of lawsuits against those sharing copyrighted music via Kazaa and other file swapping services.

According to an article in today's Toronto Star, 20 Canadians are currently being targeted. First, federal court orders will be delivered to major Internet Service Providers early next week requiring that they identify the initial unlucky 20. Nine are with Rogers Cable, Seven are with Bell Sympatico, three are with Telus and the other is with Shaw Communications Inc.

Apparently, the CRIA went after the heavy sharers. The 20 on this list were each sharing several thousand MP3s. That's a lot of music!

It will be interesting to see which ISPs fight this order to protect their customers' freedom and which hand over the user information with little resistance. Thus far, only Shaw Communications has come out to say they will fight. That's the spirit!

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