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No one told me that Aki Berg played for the Boston Bruins. I also feel so fear stricken when Kidd is in net.

This situation is starting to get ugly and maybe the Leafs should throw Kolzig into the pot if the rumour is true and they are dealing with Washington.

If Fergie doesn't make at least one major move before trade deadline, I know for sure that there is no interest in a cup here in T.O. (maybe Aki can at least wear the right jersey)


Yep, it's an ugly one tonight, 5-2 as I write this.

What the Leafs need more than anything is a defensive defensemen. We need a big, tough guy to clear the front of the net. Sergei Gonchar isn't the answer.

I've said my piece about Trevor Kidd. When it comes to goaltending on this team, we have to live by the sword and die by the sword. Eddie Belfour is that sword. We'll let him heal and hope he's ready come playoff time. Until then, we've got to hang on and hope Mikael Tellqvist gets hot.

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