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Eddie Vedder's Golden Globe Nomination

Eddie Vedder

The Golden Globe nominations came out today.  I was going to write about this fact and list the nominees for the major awards, but it was a bunch of movies I hadn't seen and a bunch of television shows I don't watch.  Sure, there's the odd exception like "Six Feet Under", but for the most part there's little there I care about.

When I first read the news releases about these nominations, I completely missed the one nomination that excites me.  It's really only detectable by going through the complete list of nominees line by line.  I'm referring to Eddie Vedder's nomination for best original song for "Man of the Hour" from Big Fish.

Eddie Vedder could sing the phone book and I'd love it.  I've been a huge fan since the beginning and I absolutely love his voice.  His passion and integrity create additional layers that elevate my enjoyment of his music to another plain.  As part of, I maintain a Pearl Jam in Toronto tribute page.  I've seen Pearl Jam the last three times they played Toronto...or Barrie in one instance.  I've heard "Man of the Hour" and it's another heart wrenching melody from one of the world's greatest singer-songwriters.  Congratulations Mr. Vedder.

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