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Backstreet's Back!

Nick Carter

I've gotta share this story, because it's too surreal not to post.

Yesterday my buddy Marc gave me a call and asked me if I wanted to join a pick-up game of softball a few of our fellow teammates started up.  With a couple of hours before Ribfest, softball was just what the doctor ordered.

We arrive at the diamond and start warming up.  We're waiting for a few more guys to show up before picking teams.  Moments later they arrive, and one of these dudes is instantly recognizable.  Lo and behold I'm about to play ball with Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys.  No foolin'.

Now I'm not exactly a Backstreet Boys fan, but I'm well aware that there was no bigger band on this planet a few years ago.  And on the Backstreet Boy scale, there was no bigger Backstreet Boy than Nick.

So that's my story.  Just me and Nick playin' ball on Canada Day.  Hot times, summer in the city.

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