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What Types of Games are Popular in Canada?

Canada is a vast country home to many different types of people – but that does not stop them from enjoying games of all sorts. What type of games do Canadians enjoy? Let’s take a closer look!

Board and Tabletop Games

Board games are popular all over the world, and things have long moved past the standard games of Clue or Monopoly. You can now find intricate board games with a range of different goals and styles of play. If you want to expand on your taste in games, why not look for a co-operative board game to try. These see you working together as a team to reach a common goal within the game – a very different experience compared to playing against each other.

Another area that has boomed is in table-top RPGs. The classic here will always be Dungeons and Dragons, now in its 5th edition, but there are a ton of others to try covering all sorts of genres. You might even be able to find a local game store that offers regular nights for beginners where you could learn to play these games.

Mobile Games

One area of gaming that has taken off majorly in the past decade or so has been mobile gaming. The rise of smartphone usage means that most people have access to the perfect gaming platform. On top of this, many of the apps and games you could want to try are free.

You could try some of the amazing games available at sites like Comeon Canada, or you could dive into a classic puzzler or something completely different! There is honestly no end to the types of games that you could try – so dive in and find one that you can start playing. These games are easy and accessible so they are ideal for first-time gamers, though you can find some more complicated ones if you know where to look!

Console and PC Games

Of course, there are also many different console and PC games for you to try. Though these will require a little more investment initially as you will have to buy the equipment needed to play, they should offer you plenty of hours of game time.

A great option to explore here might be esports. Games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive are as popular now as they have ever been. Though you could try a simpler game, or one that sees you in a closed local setting rather than playing online, there are plenty of games that will see you playing against players both in Canada and potentially further afield.

Canadians love to game, and these are just some of the options that you might find when you decide to explore what is on offer here. The world of gaming is bigger than you can expect, and it means that there is always something new to try. Dive in and find the right style of game for you – there will be plenty of other Canadians to play with too!