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2024's Top Picks: Canada's Most Played Casino Games

The landscape of online gambling in Canada continues to evolve, with recent data shedding light on the distinct preferences of players across various age groups.

A comprehensive analysis by CasinoBonusCA (CBCA) experts has revealed that younger Canadians have a marked preference for online slots.

On the other hand, older demographics gravitate towards lotteries and bingo.

This in-depth report highlights how different age groups engage with online gambling, reflecting broader trends in the industry.

Game Preferences At a Glance

Canadian gamblers' preferences per age group, courtesy of CBCA.

Online Slots Are the Top Pick for Younger Gamblers

According to CBCA's latest statistical report, online slots are the undisputed favourite among Canadian gamblers aged 19–34, followed by lotteries, scratch tickets, bingo, and table games.

An impressive 80% of players within this age bracket prefer playing slots at any given online casino available in Ontario or other provinces over other forms of online gambling.

The simplicity, accessibility, and variety of slot games likely contribute to their widespread appeal.

Millennials Prefer the Versatility of Bingo

While bingo is often stereotyped as a game for senior citizens, CBCA's data challenges this perception.

The report reveals that 47% of players aged 35–44 actively engage in online bingo.

This surprising trend underscores the game's versatility and its ability to attract a diverse audience.

The digital format of bingo, with its interactive elements and social aspects, may explain its popularity among this demographic.

Canadians Aged 45 and Above Enjoy Scratch Tickets and Lotteries

For Canadians aged 45 and above, scratch tickets and lotteries are the games of choice.

The data indicates that 84% of players in this age group, along with over 50% of individuals aged 19–65, prefer these forms of gambling.

The appeal seems to lie in the simplicity, affordability, and the potential for significant payouts offered by playing these games.

These characteristics make scratch tickets and lotteries an attractive option for those seeking low-risk, straightforward entertainment.

Lottery Tickets Are the Go-To for Seniors

As players enter their middle-aged years, lottery tickets become increasingly popular.

CBCA's analysis shows that 85% of players aged 55–64 regularly purchase lottery tickets.

The allure of a substantial payout and the simple nature of the game make lotteries a preferred choice among older Canadians.

Additionally, bingo remains a favourite among those aged 65 and above, highlighting its enduring popularity.

Considering the steady decline of brick-and-mortar bingo halls in Canada over the past decades, it’s unsurprising that the senior population has turned to online casinos to continue enjoying this classic game.

The Decline of Classic Table Games

Despite the popularity of online gambling, classic table games like blackjack and roulette are among the least liked.

CBCA's report indicates that less than 2% of Canadian players opt for these traditional card games.

Several factors contribute to this trend, including the less interactive nature of these games compared to slots and bingo, more complex rules, and a lack of variety.

However, online gambling operators have responded to this challenge by introducing live versions of table games.

These live versions, featuring real dealers and immersive gaming experiences, aim to attract more players to classic table games.

Whether this innovation will significantly alter the current preferences remains to be seen.

Despite the dynamic nature of the gambling industry and the continuous introduction of new features to meet market demands, significant shifts in Canadian gambling preferences are unlikely in the near future.

Online slot games are expected to maintain their dominant position among younger players, while lotteries and scratch tickets will likely continue to be popular among older demographics.

Understanding the Data: Insights from Industry Experts

Joseph Havens, a seasoned author at CasinoBonusCA with over ten years of experience in the gambling industry, was responsible for presenting the data discussed above.

Havens emphasized that Canadian gamblers' preferences are shaped by several factors, including ease of access, potential payouts, and the interactive nature of the games.

"Online slots offer a combination of simplicity and excitement that appeals to younger players," Havens said.

"Meanwhile, older players tend to prefer games that require less strategy and offer a chance at significant rewards, such as lotteries and scratch tickets," he added.

A Snapshot of Canadian Gambling Habits

The CBCA report provides a comprehensive overview of Canadian gambling habits, highlighting the varied preferences across different age groups.

While younger players dominate the online slots scene, older Canadians continue to enjoy lotteries and bingo.

These insights not only reflect current trends but also offer a glimpse into the future of the Canadian gambling industry.

With regulatory frameworks in place to ensure safe and responsible gambling, the industry is well-positioned to cater to the diverse preferences of Canadian players.

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