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These are the social technologies we live with

Social, Medios De Comunicación Social


Social technology has been changing society since the end of the 20th century. Our digital worlds are a great illustration of this. These developments work not only to resolve basic infrastructure issues but also embody the ideas of equity, access to health and basic services, and sustainability.

We want to show you some examples of social technologies that have impacted different aspects of our daily lives.

Voice assistants

With Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa, the technology has become more democratic through a humanitarian speech interface. As a result, people with hearing or sight disabilities can access the technology by just using their speech. These tools not only simplify but also smarten up our daily activities by making technology more accessible for people who are sensitive to vision or tenth action and also for others who have problems in writing and tactile navigation.

Distance Education

With the advent of online learning, the factors that could hinder the education of people in far-flung areas have been minimized because the latter now have easier access to education. Coursera and Khan Academy are two examples of platforms providing free and paid courses with enormous topics that students can conveniently cover themselves.


Video games have evolved beyond pure entertainment. As we have seen for some time, games have become part of society and have made us more social. You can always go online and play games like Fortnite with your friends and chat with them, thanks to consoles like PS5. Also, if you don't know them, you can meet people if you enter tournaments like casino poker. Remember that technology can also allow you to have your downtime and play alone. In addition, this way, you can play online slots with real money and benefit from enjoying your favorite games, whether classic or something more modern like video slots.

Collaborative Maps

Google Maps, Waze, and their map integration have allowed for a very informative and easy way of navigating geographic locations. They settle for the roads and enable users to constantly share data on traffic, accidents, and any local events in real-time. This citizen engagement is critical as it enriches our cities by fostering responsible, community-based urban planning and democracy-based, well-informed decision-making.

Automatic translators

Google Translate has made phone calls and text messages easier than before for every person, regardless of this person's native language. These tools serve an ever-growing variety of purposes, including but not limited to overcoming language barriers and fostering understanding between different cultures in the world. They enable people to communicate irrespective of the linguistic domain and enhance tolerance and naturalization across all societies.

Crowdfunding platforms

Digital platforms Kickstarter and Indiegogo enable individual financing of all kinds of projects, including art, social entrepreneurship, charity pooling, and other projects through crowdfunding. They democratize capital by granting access to financial means to people who believe in their creativity but do not have sufficient money. Furthermore, they combine the world's creators to demonstrate their intercultural activities and, thus, receive direct audience support.

Social Networks

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., owe the world the upgrade of communication, which means the way information is shared, and these networks also enhance the level of existing connection. Whether it is a matter of personal expression, community organization, or social mobilization for the cause that the community can support, these platforms have created new ways for that to happen. They are means through which people may find a way to connect with a friend or a group of people who share similar interests, letting the information or knowledge of these people reach users worldwide.

Mental health apps

Apps like Headspace and Calm laminate features such as tools and resources to help the mind manage anxiety, stress, and other issues in mental health. Such apps can give you meditation guidance and breathing courses to support a healthy mental state, achieving the purpose of bringing mental healthcare within everyone's reach. As they include real-time progress tracking and individualized actions to match users' distinctive needs, they also stimulate people to stewardship and care for themselves.

Fair trade platforms

Sites like Fair Trade Certified and Fairphone are responsible for building a bridge between ethical and sustainable business practices and consumers by sharing information about products or companies that promote welfare for workers and care for nature. Such platforms give people an opportunity to make well-thought-out decisions about what to buy and become advocates for fair trade. They also educate consumers on how their buying habits influence the environment. In addition, they promote overall mindful and sustainable consumption.

Activism apps

Apps like and Avaaz can be used to launch online petitions and promote various social and political issues. Through these media spaces, citizens' voices are heard, and simultaneous engagement in joint efforts to create social and political transformation occurs. They are the tools with which people are able to mobilize and discuss matters they deem important, hence encouraging citizens' participation in democracy.
These illustrations are just insufficient manifestations of various social technologies that shape our modern lives.

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