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The Final Kines Box Delivery

Way back in January 2023, I unboxed the David Kines boxes. FOTM David Kines had sent over some boxes of DVDs, CDS and more. Here's the two unboxing videos.

The David Kines Box, Part 1

The David Kines Box, Part 2

Over the past 13 months, I've biked these gifts to people around this city. Yesterday I dropped a Monty Python DVD and MuchMusic pins at the CN Tower for a listener. Today, I made my final delivery: a 10cc DVD to the Parkdale library.

I should have wrapped this up long ago, but I I'm glad I've finally accomplished my mission. The last item, which I won't be biking, is an S Club 7 mounted poster signed by members of the group. If you want it, you know how to reach me.

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