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How construction companies are reducing their carbon footprint

The question of how to respond to the ongoing climate crisis is one that, for businesses, has a direct link to their brand perception. While a lot of the time, the most optimal solution might be the one that saves the most money, this can result in cutting corners that are more damaging to the environment.

Instead, then, you might join other businesses in looking towards a solution that reduces your carbon footprint. Initially, this might mean taking some routes that require changes to be made, but over time, this could result in a more efficient way of doing things.

A Focus on Recycling

Environmentalism is often associated with recycling, and while it might be a term that you’re used to hearing at this point, you might not fully appreciate the versatility that it has, especially for your business. This could be something that you apply on a smaller level, by encouraging recycling incentives around your offices or other workplaces. While at first this might not feel like it would make much of a difference, you might be surprised at how much waste you would otherwise produce.

Of course, if you’re in construction, you might find that most of your work doesn’t take place in an office setting, and the waste you produce might be on a much larger scale as a result of your line of work. This could be another area where recycling opens doors for you. RubbleCrusher equipment, for instance, can be used to convert that waste into something usable, such as materials for building highways later down the line.

Local Sourcing

This is an area that at first might seem to only present more difficulties than the alternative. You might source your materials and tools from where you do because they offer the lowest prices or because they’re the closest to your vision of what you need. However, this might mean that you’re relying on other businesses that are producing more emissions, or it could be that you’re relying on transportation that’s harmful to the environment.

An alternative, then, might be to turn your attention to local suppliers who are able to give you what you need without the heavy costs of transportation. This gives you the added benefit of supporting your local community, which is something that you could potentially spin into your marketing material.

Simple Efficiency

The attitude that you have towards reducing your carbon footprint doesn’t even have to involve methods and techniques that are unique to construction businesses. You might find that applying simple energy efficiency can lead you to a better result in the same way that it would in a personal capacity.

While you might use your heating less at home, make sure that your premises are well insulated and check the efficiency rating of your appliances. But where can this be applied specifically to your company? In construction this might mean researching that same level of efficiency for the tools that you use, as well as ensuring that you don’t leave them running for any longer than you need to, developing a strict usage policy that encourages the conservation of energy.

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