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Early Conan

When Conan O'Brien debuted as host of Late Night on September 13, 1993, I was there for all of it. I loved Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons and David Letterman and all of a sudden it was all coming together. I tuned in that night, and Late Night with Conan O'Brien became appointment viewing for yours truly.

I loved it. It was irreverant, ridiculous, sublime, and most importantly, I found it funny. I enjoyed Andy Richter as Conan's sidekick, The Max Weinberg 7, and those glorious, glorious bits.

I just went for a Sunday evening bike ride and memories of early Conan came flooding back. I remember:

  • In the year 2000
  • Conan Babies
  • Robert Smigel voicing Bill Clinton and others (a still image on a screen where Smigel's lips provided the voice)
  • The Gaseous Weiner
  • That bit where the desk became a car
  • The Masturbating Bear
  • If They Mated
  • Robot on the Toilet
  • Moral Dilemma
  • Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

I loved the monolague, I loved the sketches, I loved the guest, I loved it all. But this focus and admiration for a late night talk show only lasted a few years and I've never felt that feeling again.

Still, in 2004, I happily visited the Elgin Theatre to see them record the show live here in Toronto.

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