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Charlotte Hornets vs Toronto Raptors March 3 picks and predictions

Given their historical head-to-head record, the Charlotte Hornets and the Toronto Raptors are set to face off on March 3 in an evenly poised matchup. Both teams have clashed a total of 96 times, with each side winning 48 games apiece. However, the dynamics have shifted in recent encounters, with the Raptors showcasing superior form by securing victories in 8 of their last 10 matchups against the Hornets.

This game, taking place in Toronto, offers the Raptors the home-court advantage, although their home record this season stands at 11-16, indicating a struggle to dominate at their own venue. This context sets the stage for an intriguing battle where past performance and current form could significantly impact the game's outcome.

Performance This Season: A Comparative Overview

The Toronto Raptors and the Charlotte Hornets have both experienced their share of challenges during the current NBA season, reflected in their standings and game performance.

Toronto Raptors: A Glimpse into the Season

The Raptors find themselves positioned 12th in the Eastern Conference standings, with a record of 19 wins and 36 losses. Their recent form has been concerning, with a streak of three consecutive losses, and out of the last 10 games, they have only secured 3 victories. This trend underscores the need for strategic adjustments and improvements.

Key Player Performances

Scottie Barnes is the team's leading scorer, averaging 20.1 points per game. His contributions have been pivotal, and his ability to consistently deliver points is a significant asset for the Raptors.

Jakob Poeltl has been dominant on the rebounding front, averaging 8.5 rebounds per game. His efforts on the boards have provided the Raptors with essential second-chance opportunities and defensive stops.

Charlotte Hornets: Season Challenges

The Hornets are ranked 13th in the Eastern Conference, just below the Raptors. Their season has been tough, with a record of 13 wins and 41 losses, translating to a win percentage of 24%. Their away record of 5-20 is particularly daunting, highlighting struggles in games outside their home court.

Key Player Statistics

Miles Bridges emerges as the Hornets' top scorer, averaging 21.5 points per game. His scoring prowess has been a silver lining in an otherwise difficult season, offering hope and excitement to the Hornets' fans.

In terms of rebounding, Nick Richards has made his mark with an average of 7.9 rebounds per game. His performance under the rim has been crucial for the Hornets, albeit in a challenging season.


With their robust defense and tactical gameplay, the Toronto Raptors are poised for success in their upcoming clash against the Charlotte Hornets. The amalgamation of advanced analytics and machine learning forecasts a 73% likelihood of triumph for the Raptors, projecting a 116-109 victory in their favor. This anticipated outcome underscores the Raptors' comprehensive strength, balancing both offensive and defensive prowess, which slightly tips the scales in their direction in what is expected to be a tightly contested encounter.

The odds are tipped towards the Raptors, marked at -270, reflecting their favorable position to clinch the win as compared to the Hornets, who are placed at +225. Additionally, for enthusiasts engaging in total points betting, the Over/Under is pegged at 226.5, with a minor inclination towards the under, at odds of -105.

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Tactical Analysis

Without LaMelo Ball, the Hornets have shown a noticeable slowdown in their gameplay, affecting their overall offensive output. This reduction in pace could significantly impact their ability to score against a Raptors team that excels in limiting opponents' three-point attempts and overall shooting percentages. The Raptors' defensive strategy, focusing on reducing high-value shots from the perimeter, may further stifle the Hornets' scoring opportunities​​.


As the game approaches, the Toronto Raptors appear to be in a favorable position to win and cover the spread against the Charlotte Hornets. The absence of LaMelo Ball for the Hornets poses a significant challenge, particularly on offense, where the team has struggled to maintain its pace and efficiency. Bettors and fans alike will watch closely to see if the Hornets can overcome these odds or if the Raptors will capitalize on their strengths to secure a victory. Regardless of the outcome, this matchup is set to offer basketball enthusiasts an exciting and competitive game of NBA basketball.

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