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Three Trending Engagement Ring Styles for Modern-Day Couples

Life in Toronto can be rewarding in its own way. While there are many blessings to count for people in Toronto, the one that stays on top is so many jewelry stores. It can truly be heaven for people looking for something as special as an engagement ring for your partner.

When it comes to the best engagement rings, couples in Toronto never have to compromise. Reliable diamond stores providers such as Jewellery Store | Kimberfire can even offer customized rings to ensure that there are no compromises as you enter a new chapter of your life.

Here are some of the most trending ring styles for modern couples to consider.

Colored Stones

If you want to avoid the generic rings, the first thing to do is to play with colors. Why does one always have just a few colors to choose as a stone? Why can it not be a colorful statement piece to stand out of the crowd and ensure uniqueness.

Everyone’s love story is unique, and the trend of colored gemstones enables them to make their expression unique as well. You can choose a color that holds significant importance for you and your partner based on their characteristics.

One great idea is to choose a colored stone to get the birthstone of your partner embedded in their engagement ring. Different birthstones such as rubies, emeralds, amethysts, and more can make up for the dash of unique color you want to add to your ring.

Multiple Large Stones

Lab-grown diamonds have been around for years. More and more people are drawn toward ethically sourced diamonds for the expression of their love. These diamonds are also cheaper and more ethical to be a great expression of love without straining you and your partner financially.

Another thing that sets lab-grown diamonds apart is the fact that they always come out flawless. They can stay radiant and new-looking for decades to come. On the contrary, natural diamonds may come up with defects and notable marks.

Moissanites are a common example of lab-grown diamonds. They are durable for day-to-day wear, which means that the expression of your love will stay bright and new-looking for years to come. You can also choose among different sizes to find the options that best suit your vision.

Custom Engagement Rings

Many couples are now irritated by generic expressions of love. They want to show their love through uniqueness. It means that instead of buying generic rings, you and your partner can customize engagement rings for each other.

With customization, you do not only take charge of the stone but choose important details such as metals and weightage as well.

This way, you can have complete control over every aspect of the ring, stay within budget, choose their gemstone, and let your creativity run wild. The final outcome is something you and your partner will forever wear as a symbol of your love. You can also talk to different jewelry designers to discuss the quotes for what you want.

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