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Season of the Wish in Destiny 2: All Week 2 Seasonal Challenges

The second set of seasonal challenges for Destiny 2 has been released. During the first 10 weeks of the season, players may earn a ton of experience and Bright Dust by completing Bungie's weekly challenges. Season Challenges are fairly easy to complete. So, not only can you complete most of these objectives yourself, but you can also passively complete the Season Pass. Let us help you in this mission and share with you the best ways to finish each seasonal challenge as well as the specific values of the rewards you may expect to get.

#1 โ€” Precision Calibration

To complete the Precision Calibration seasonal challenge, players have to dispatch 200 enemies with headshots. It makes no difference what activity you complete, though PvP activities will yield more progress. As a result, accomplishing this seasonal task in the Trials of Osiris is more effective. The only criterion is that players accurately target foes with Sniper Rifles, Scout Rifles, or Linear Fusion Rifles.

Transfiguration is our preferred option because it can roll with double damage perks; Exotics are also a good alternative because they deal 40% more damage to red bars. Completing the challenge will grant you 25,000 XP and 75 Bright Dust, which can be spent on various items in the Eververse Store. If you're stuck on this or any other challenge, a trials carry service can come in handy, with professional gamers ready to assist you in the game.

#2 โ€” Wishseeker II

Wishing All the Best for the second week is now available. This quest may be obtained by finishing Season of the Wish's introduction assignment in the H.E.L.M. Complete the first set of objectives before moving on to this week's quest stages to finish this Seasonal Challenge and get 25,000 XP.

#3 โ€” Inner Fires

Inner Fires requires defeating 250 foes with Void, Solar, or Strand damage. Using Tommy's Matchbook or Prometheus Lens is a simple way to achieve this task. Both rifles deal little damage with each attack, and this damage is added to Scorch's final hit total for bonus advancement purposes. After completing this seasonal challenge, you will receive 50,000 XP.

#4 โ€” Foes Of The Dragon: Taken

To complete the Foes of the Dragon: Taken seasonal challenge, players need to defeat Taken enemies anywhere in the game system. Additionally, beating Taken in specific locations, such as Riven's Lair or The Coil, grants additional progress to players. Foes Of The Dragon: Taken is part of the seasonal activities introduced in Season of the Wish, offering players the opportunity to earn XP and other rewards by completing specific in-game objectives. Upon completion, the challenge rewards 25,000 XP.

#5 โ€” Dragonโ€™s Defender II

Dragon's Defender II is a Destiny 2 seasonal challenge that requires players to defeat 126 enemies using Shotguns or Bows. The difficulty is made easier by using Trinity Ghoul in Riven's Lair, especially with its Exotic Catalyst, which allows players to charge themselves with chain lightning after each kill. Thus, they can clear whole waves of monsters with a single arrow. Defeating targets in Riven's Lair grants bonus progress for this task, allowing it to be completed faster. The challenge awards 25,000 XP to those who successfully complete it.

#6 โ€” Absolutely Stunning

Absolutely Stunning requires players to stun 50 Champions throughout the current season. Champions can be shocked in any activity, and the same Champion can be stunned several times in order to advance. Riven's Lair mobs grant additional progress, so stunning Champions in that location can help gamers finish this challenge quickly. To shock Champions more effectively, players can employ particular subclass abilities and weapon perks.

The challenge awards 100,000 XP and 300 Bright Dust upon completion. The latter is a valuable currency in Destiny 2 that can be used to purchase exotic ornaments, unique cosmetic armor sets, shaders, and other goods from the Eververse store. Players can spend 300 Bright Dust on equipment like legendary shaders, which change the color of their gear. Emotes, ships, sparrows, and finishers are among the other commodities available for purchase using Bright Dust. The currency can also be obtained by participating in various in-game activities, such as seasonal challenges, repeating vendor bounties, and weekly event bounties.

#7 โ€” The Sun's Fire

Destroy 25 Guardians using Solar Damage while playing any Crucible playlist. Solar damage can be dealt with by a variety of means. When it comes to playlists, Momentum Control and Mayhem are safe bets. Vex Mythoclast, Sunshot, and Tarrabah are three excellent weapon choices. Upon completion, the challenge rewards 25,000 XP and 75 Bright Dust.

Final Words

In Destiny 2's Week 2 Seasonal Challenges, Guardians encounter a range of tasks โ€” from precision eliminations to stunning Champions. Strategies like employing specific weapons in designated locations enhance efficiency. Completion rewards include XP and valuable Bright Dust, used for unique items in the Eververse store. Whether defending against dragons or engaging in Crucible battles, these challenges offer outstanding experiences and unique opportunities for in-game progression. So go ahead โ€” the Season of the Wish invites Guardians to embark on diverse quests, earn rewards, and immerse themselves in the dynamic world of Destiny 2.

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