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In Pursuit of 12000 KM

For about a decade, I've been targeting 500 km of cycling GTA streets and trails each month. When that became too easy, I realized 500 km was fine for our colder months, but from May through October, I should be biking twice as far. 1000 km became the new target.

Toronto is geographically blessed when it comes to weather. As I type, it's December 2nd, but I've yet to touch a shovel this season. There's been no snow to speak of here in southwest Toronto. I'm sure it's coming, but for many in the GTA, it's already come. The lake effect in the 6ix protects us from the worst of it, and makes this a very bikeable city twelve months of the year.

With mild winters, and targets of 1000 km for six months and 500 km for the other six months, a yearly target of 10,000 km has been my pursuit for the past several years. I've hit that target six of the past seven years, only falling short in 2020 when a broken wrist kept me off the bike for six weeks.

At some point in October, I realized I was having the most prolific cycing year of my life, and a little number crunching made me realize I could bike 12000 km in 2023. That would be an average of 1000 km a month, something I dared to even consider until now.

December is a tricky month, because it will snow and ice storms are possible, but I'm at 11276 km on December 2 (with a ride to the Horseshoe Tavern tonight) and I think I can do this.

Heck, now I think I have to do this. Wish me luck.

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