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How to Start Using Crypto in Your Daily Life

Has the crypto buzz caught your attention? You’re not alone. Every day, thousands of people invest in their first cryptocurrencies for the first time, from Ethereum to Dogecoin. If this is something that you’re interested in doing, too, then learn everything you need to right here.

  • 425 million people around the world have invested in cryptocurrencies
  • There are at least 88,200 crypto-millionaires

Over the past few years, you’ll have seen and heard a lot about cryptocurrencies. From Twitter (now known as “X”) to mainstream news, everyone is discussing crypto.

If you don’t understand what cryptocurrencies are, they’re digital currencies that are part of a decentralized system. In other words, no party has control over cryptocurrencies. This includes banks and governments — nobody can control your crypto or tell you what to do with it, which is pretty cool. Of course, people really like this aspect, which is why there are so many crypto investors.

To start investing in crypto, you first need to decide which crypto you want to invest in. Remember, some cryptos are a lot more expensive than others, such as Bitcoin. However, there are plenty of affordable cryptos on the market, such as XRP and Dogecoin. Your general strategy should be to invest in a crypto that’s stable and is projected to have good long-term growth. If you're looking to get started, you can easily buy Bitcoin online through various reputable platforms that offer secure and straightforward transactions.

When you want to go ahead and buy your chosen crypto, you’ll need to visit a crypto exchange website (e.g., Coinbase), create an account, make your investment, and keep your cryptocurrency in your exchange account. There’s also the option to transfer your crypto to a personal crypto wallet, but this is down to personal choice.

Once you’ve got your cryptocurrency, here are some of the best things you can use it for in your daily life.

Play Online Casino Games with Crypto

A popular activity in 2023 is to play online casino games with crypto.

This is now possible thanks to online casinos like Spin Casino, which now accept crypto bets. If you enjoy playing casino games, then you can play online roulette at Spin Casino with your favorite cryptocurrency today, whether it’s Bitcoin or Dogecoin. There’s also the option to play on mobile, tablet, or PC — whichever you prefer.

Crypto betting is a huge trend at the moment, so it’s recommended you give it a try. The advantages here are that you can experience faster transactions and remain entirely anonymous, which is an important factor that a lot of online casino players care about.

Enjoy Online Shopping

Are you a fan of online shopping? If the answer is yes, you can use the cryptos you’ve invested in to shop with online retailers like Overstock. Hopefully, you’ll find some great deals!

Book Flights

If you enjoy going on holiday a lot or regularly fly for work purposes, you’ll be happy to know that you can book flights with crypto. BitPay recently partnered with UATP, which is a global payment network owned by the world’s airlines. This means that you can now pay for flights using Bitcoin with the likes of JetBlue, Air China, American Airlines, and more.

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