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Casinos in Canada require ID to enter

A new initiative proposed by the BCLC (British Columbia Lottery and Gaming Corporation) aims to enhance responsible gambling efforts across the province of Canada. According to the new rules, entry into the casino will only be possible upon presentation of government-issued identification to security personnel.

About the new rule for personal identification

This requirement is not new to many regulated jurisdictions, which have previously required proof of identification to claim winnings or verify a player's age. However, using ID for responsible gaming purposes is a relatively new concept.

Customers wishing to visit a casino in British Columbia will be required to present their government-issued identification to security personnel. Their data will be compared with a database that includes information about people who are banned from entering the casino. Such a database may include information about customers registered in a local self-exclusion program, such as the Game Break program.

The Game Break program is a local initiative that allows players to self-exclude themselves from casino gambling for a specified period of time. This is an important step towards responsible gambling and helps prevent problematic or excessive gambling behavior. As soon as a player excludes himself from the program, his data is entered into the database, and the casino is obliged not to allow him into its establishments.

About the benefits of identity verification

Providing ID to enter a casino is a very important innovation because it helps prevent players with gambling problems from accessing gambling. These players may be more susceptible to serious financial and emotional problems, so it is important to have measures in place to protect them.

Additionally, this measure can also help prevent fraud and illegal activities within the casino. Thanks to a database that matches the data of blacklisted customers, the casino will be able to weed out those who may be involved in fraud or other illegal activities. This technology will also help many online casinos. According to, many Canadians play in casinos using CAD, but are not protected when it comes to problem gambling.

Finally, this initiative will also ensure that young people under the age of majority will not be able to visit casinos. Requiring identification will help ensure that casino visitors are legally eligible to gamble.

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