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In Pursuit of 1000 KM a Month #biketo

My goal every month is to cycle 500 KM, but during warmer months, I aim for 1000 km. I'm pleased if I get in 10,000 KM of cycling GTA streets and trails. In 2022 I set a new personal best by biking 11,430.33 KM.

The other day I hit 10,000 KM for 2023 and had a crazy thought. What if I averaged 10,000 KM for the calendar year and hit 12,000 KM? Could I do this? Now that it's stuck in my head, I think I have to!

I just finished a 40 KM ride and that has me at 10,167.54 for 2023 with 70 days remaining. That means I need to average 26.17 KM a day for the rest of the year. I can do this, but I will need a little help from Mother Nature. Ice storms are a cyclist's kryptonite.

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