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Grenada Second Passport as a Tool for International Freedom

A small island nation with secluded beaches and coves attracts crowds of tourists who wish to return to this stunning place at the end of their trip. Those who want to relax and unwind in a peaceful atmosphere and start a new life go to Grenada. Especially interesting prospects are open to wealthy people. Those with money can acquire second citizenship by investment in Grenada, and a profitable program exists for this purpose. New doors are opening for second passport holders. It concerns travel to new corners of the planet, work, and study. In general, you can improve your quality of life. You must understand how to do it and how soon it can be realized.

Grenada CBI Program Overview

As everywhere, there are several options to choose from. For example, you can contribute money to a government fund or choose a real estate project and direct the money there.

According to the Grenada CBI program, you need to contribute a certain amount, which varies depending on the chosen investment method. If the state fund is chosen, it will amount to 150 thousand dollars. If real estate is more attractive, then the amount increases to 220 thousand dollars. You will also have to spend money on services to draw up documents and check for reliability. Do not forget about duties and fees. The number and age of the closest relatives affect the final amount of expenses.

Another attractive feature of the program is that it includes children, parents, and other relatives, such as the grandparents, siblings of the principal applicant, and his legal partner.

Applying Process

The first step is to select a licensed agent. Only a law firm that is a licensed agent of the program is allowed to apply. Other processes required under the Grenada citizenship programme are outlined below:

  1. Thorough verification - doing everything competently, without any mistakes, is essential. Everything depends on it. Only after that can the state authorities decide whether to approve the application. You should study the required documents in advance to quickly correct any problems that have surfaced in the process.
  2. Signing a contract is another mandatory process that assures each party will fulfill his obligations.
  3. Preparation of documents - it is necessary to have everything you need so that the procedure goes smoothly. In addition, it may take additional time to obtain a certain document, so it is better not to procrastinate.
  4. Verification by state authorities starts from the moment the documents are submitted according to the law, and it takes 3 to 6 months. Everything is done remotely.

Finally, at the last stage, receiving the documents for citizenship is possible. Of course, it is possible only if the previous manipulations are completed, the established requirements are met,

Visa-free Countries

If you are interested in traveling around the world, being visa-free, then this program will be ideal. You should know that visa-free travel for Grenada passport holders іs open to 146 countries.

The list of appropriate destinations includes the Schengen area and the United Kingdom. You can stay in the former for about 90 days within six months and in the latter twice as much - 180 days out of 365. China is also available in visa free mode, because a special agreement has been signed between the countries. The same applies to Singapore and Hong Kong.

Grenada Second Passport Advantages

It is the only Caribbean country offering a corresponding program and visa agreement with the United States. According to Zlata Erlach, a specialist at Immigrant Invest, citizens of the country have the right to obtain an E-2 visa and live in the United States. It is an excellent opportunity for citizens of the states deprived of such an agreement to move to some state and start to live and work there.

Preferential education in the U.S. and the U.K. is also one of the main advantages. If your children are still at the age to get an education, then you should take advantage of this opportunity.

Another thing that gives Grenada passport by investment is the benefits for tax residents of the specified state. You can also open accounts in European and American banks with this passport. This way, it will be possible to keep savings in a safe currency and spend less on commissions for foreign transfers. Moreover, in general, the costs are considered to be among the lowest. In addition, the invested money will be returned.


As you can see, investment is one of the most popular ways to find a new and interesting life in a stable country, where all roads are open for conquering the heights. Contact a specialized agency to avoid unnecessary questions and tasks. With the help of specialists you will save time and money.

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