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30 Years Since Joe Touched 'Em All

Where were you on October 23, 1993? That's the day Joe Carter hit a 3-run home run in the bottom of the ninth of game six at SkyDome and the Jays walked off a World Series clinching victory over Mitch Williams and the Philadelphia Phillies.

I wrote about this moment for the tenth anniversary, which tells you how long I've been writing this blog, but since then I started a podcast and managed to convince a while bunch of interesting people who were there to visit my basement for recorded conversations. The result is Touch 'Em All Joe: A Mikeumentary featuring perspectives from Jerry Howarth, Dan Shulman, Doug Smith, Scott Ferguson and Rod Black. Give it a listen!

Here's what I deem to be the top five home runs in Blue Jays history.

  1. Joe Carter
  2. Ed Sprague
  3. Robbie Alomar
  4. Joey Bats
  5. Edwin Encarnacion
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