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Where can I start acting in Toronto?

Toronto is a bustling hub for the arts, especially when it comes to film, television, and theater. For those eager to dive into acting in this vibrant city, here's a roadmap to get you started:

  1. Acting Schools and Classes: Sharpen your skills by enrolling in acting courses. Reputable institutions in Toronto include the Toronto Film School, George Brown Theatre School, and Humber College’s Theatre Performance Program.
  2. Community Theater: Gain practical experience and hone your craft by participating in local community theaters. Places like Alumnae Theatre, East Side Players, and Scarborough Music Theatre are fantastic starting points.
  3. Acting Agents and Agencies: An agent can be instrumental in helping you land auditions and navigate the industry. Consider reaching out to renowned Toronto agencies such as AMI Agency, Noble Caplan Abrams, and The Characters Talent Agency.
  4. Audition Websites: Platforms such as Mandy Network, ACTRA Toronto, Casting Workbook, and are invaluable resources for actors in the city. They consistently post a variety of casting opportunities, from specific roles to open casting calls in Toronto. These calls present a prime opportunity for both budding talents and experienced actors to showcase their skills and land roles.
  5. Film Festivals: Festivals, especially the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), are not only about screenings. They offer invaluable networking opportunities; occasionally, you might find open casting calls tied to festival events.
  6. Acting Meetups and Workshops: Utilize platforms like to find Toronto actor gatherings. These meetups can offer both learning and networking opportunities.
  7. Student Films: Toronto's academic institutions like Ryerson University and York University are known for their film programs. Students often seek actors for their projects, offering you a chance to get real set experience and build your reel.
  8. Theatre District: The heart of Toronto's theater scene lies around King Street. Dive in by auditioning for plays, or even consider behind-the-scenes roles to immerse yourself in the industry.
  9. Improv and Comedy: If you're drawn to comedy, places like The Second City Toronto offer classes and have stages where you can showcase your talent.
  10. Stay Proactive and Network: Joining industry associations like ACTRA can be a boon. Engage with industry professionals on platforms like LinkedIn and always keep an ear out for open casting calls in Toronto and other opportunities.

Remember, resilience is just as crucial as talent in the world of acting. While Toronto offers numerous opportunities, it's essential to remain persistent, continually refine your craft, and always be on the lookout for that next big break.

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