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What Does a Smooth Divorce Look Like?

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The idea of a divorce unfolding smoothly may initially seem like an oxymoron since marriage is supposed to be a vow upheld forever, uniting two people. But in real life, not every marriage is happy, fulfilling, or safe. Two married people may be best off separately.

In such cases, divorce is the right decision for both parties. True, divorce may raise feelings of anger or sadness, and it can be contentious or uncontested. But it can also be rocky or smooth. Let’s look at what a smooth divorce looks like.

Collaborative Divorce

The leading family lawyers in Toronto get the best outcome for their clients and their families because they realize the two are connected. If their client gets most of the assets and custody, but the children aren’t happy, is it really a win?

Family lawyers need to advocate for their client’s parental rights, but they also have in mind the higher goals of family harmony. Co-parenting means maintaining as positive a relationship as possible in tricky circumstances.

Having a legal expert by your side who has successfully navigated this terrain many times is indispensable when you’re starting on this journey.

Out of Court if Possible

The nature of the marriage’s end may determine how easy it will be to resolve things quickly, inexpensively, and smoothly. Sometimes, people just drift apart. Other times, there’s betrayal or some intense conflict.

Hopefully, both parties can put their differences aside and settle things out of court. If things go to trial, they’ll spend way more money and won’t necessarily get a better result. Unbraiding two people’s finances, debts, and assets is seldom easy and can be prickly.

A person can only control their response to divorce, not their ex-partner’s. Still, finding a workable solution outside of court is ideal for both parties and should be pursued.

Stable Routines for the Kids

If the divorced people don’t have any children, there’s considerably less at stake in the divorce. If they do have kids together, they’ll need stable routines and positive role models for years.

Where will the children live? Who will take and pick them up from school or shuttle them to extracurriculars? Divorce proceedings need to resolve such practical questions, settling matters about everyday life.

Whether the children are a few years old or teenagers, they’re very impressionable, and they need positive role models to show what romantic relationships should be like. Otherwise, they may have issues later trusting people or other problems.

If the divorce proceedings are smooth, parents won’t have that layer of extra bitterness towards each other that can arise during a divorce battle. Having a lawyer with a holistic bent to ensure your rights are protected while pursuing the best overall course is a great way to stay on track, keep perspective, and get the future the kids need most.

Marriage can be a rich and rewarding phase of life, but for others, it can be limiting and even dangerous. People in unhappy marriages need to leave them, and hopefully, they find the smoothest path towards the exit.

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