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Pinery Provincial Park Camping Trip 2023 Driven By A Ford Expedition Max

We just spent a few days camping at The Pinery Provincial Park. I say "we", but it was actually just me and my two youngest kids. I invited my entire family of six but received three "no thanks."

Tis a shame because it was awesome. Perfect weather, great swimming, great sunsets, great campfires, great hikes and the smoothest ride imaginable in a Ford Expedition Max.

540KM round trip in the Ford Expedition Max

This car is incredibly spacious, so I could have fit all six of us and our camping gear. Getting the tent, sleeping bags, cooler, propane bbq, and the rest of the gear in there was a breeze. And most importantly, the Expedition passed the Morgan test. No car sickness to speak of!

Our ride for the week

As chariots go, this one was pure fire. And speaking of fire, did we ever enjoy some great campfires this week.

But the brightest fire of all belonged to the brilliant sunsets you can only find on the banks of Lake Huron. Majestic!

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