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Do I ever love Radiohead's "Creep". It was their first single, and unlike anything else you've heard from Radiohead, but I fuckin' love it. The melody, the guitars, the lyrics... the band may not love "Creep", but I do!

"Creep" is similar enough to "The Air That I Breathe", a hit for The Hollies in 1974, that the song's publisher sued Radiohead for copyright infringement and a settlement was reached in which Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood were given co-writing credits and a portion of the royalties.

In 2017, Lana Del Rey released Lust For Life which included the song "Get Free". "Get Free" sounds an awful lot like "Creep", and according to Del Rey, Radiohead sued, although Radiohead's publisher denies this.

"Creep" is even great without the crunchy guitar. The acoustic version is still stellar. Hook this to my veins.

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