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25 Profitable Golf Business Ideas to try in 2023


Are you looking for the most fantastic golf course business possibilities and ideas for 2023? Look no further! Whether you're a golf enthusiast or an aspiring entrepreneur, this article presents a range of excellent money-making golf course business options, suitable for both part-time and full-time endeavors.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be a professional golfer to generate money from a golf course. Several business operations associated with golf provide a substantial income. So, let's explore some brilliant golf course business ideas together.

Starting a golf club

Starting a golf club necessitates meticulous planning and execution. The following are the necessary steps to get started:

  • Conduct extensive market research to determine possible sites, target demographics, and competitors. Make a detailed business plan that outlines your club's vision, goals, and financial predictions.
  • Legal and regulatory requirements include registering your company and obtaining required permissions or licenses. Learn about local zoning laws and environmental rules.
  • Consider factors such as accessibility, amenity availability, and the surrounding infrastructure when securing a location for your golf club.
  • Create or lease club amenities like a clubhouse, pro shop, practice grounds, and equipment for course upkeep.
  • Determine the funds needed for initial setup and continuing operations. Consider personal investments, borrowing, or finding investors.
  • Work with a golf course architect to develop the course layout and features. Employ trustworthy contractors to build the golf course and facilities.
  • Choose your membership packages, prices, and benefits. Consider membership types such as whole, weekday, junior, and social.
  • Hire qualified professionals like golf pros, groundskeepers, club management, and administrative workers.
  • Develop a marketing plan to attract members and visitors. Use digital and conventional marketing platforms to raise awareness about your golf club.

Starting a golf club is a significant job that demands careful planning, attention to detail, and a love of the game. Building a solid brand and delivering a fantastic golfing experience helps a golf club prosper. Let's look at the ways to monetize your golfing hobby.


Top 21 successful golf business ideas to consider in 2023

Looking for ways to profit from the booming golf market and confused of how to convert your love of the game into a successful business? To succeed in the golf industry, one needs a combination of creativity, talent, and commercial acumen. By identifying your passion within the golf industry and putting your skills to use, build a successful business while making a contribution to the sport you love.

Implement these essential tips for managing a golf course to help you succeed in this competitive sector. We've compiled a list of the top 21 golf business ideas. These businesses leverage the sport's appeal and the dedicated community, providing a variety of ways to generate money and contribute to the expansion of the golf industry. Let’s explore the 21 golf business ideas to convert greens into real greens.

Driving range

Some golfers hire equipment at the driving range while practicing. Start your driving range with a plot of land, a tiny structure for equipment and snacks, and a POS system. You make a lot of money if you give excellent service and maintain the range clean. You even make money by selling golf equipment and apparel.

Golf course

Starting a golf course is expensive, but it's a $27 billion industry. Doing business throughout the year is possible if you reside in a warm area. Golfers spend a lot on well-designed courses and refreshments throughout, so you get to make excellent money. What's more, you get to play golf anytime!

Maintenance of the golf course

Managing a golf course requires diligent effort and expertise, as while golf fields may seem low-maintenance, they demand significant work to stay in top shape. Many golf courses opt to engage professional maintenance organizations to ensure optimal conditions for their greens.

Golf simulator service

Golf simulators are fantastic year-round businesses because they let consumers practice golf indoors. A facility and three to five golf simulators are good for starting. Golf simulators are also gaining popularity, with the sector expected to rise significantly by 2030.

Miniature golf course

Mini-golf is fantastic for kids, group trips, romantic evenings, and more, so the sector has rebounded nicely after the epidemic. Mini-golf courses generate income through course rentals and refreshments, and some include arcades connected to increase earnings. This way, you provide enjoyable and healthful entertainment for your town and generate money by opening your mini-golf facility.

Golf gear store

As golf becomes more popular, selling gear is a lucrative retail proposition. Selling golf club sets, balls, and gear is profitable. You'd need shop space and merchandise to join a $2.5 billion business. You even sell used goods for a profit.

Golf wear and apparel

Establish your own e-commerce store for golf wear and apparel. Create a fashionable and functional line that appeals to golf enthusiasts. By leveraging social media platforms, you can promote your unique collections, collaborating with talented designers and influencers to boost brand visibility.

As the golf industry continues to accept e-commerce and digital transformation,  ensuring legal compliance with data protection laws becomes a critical golf business idea in 2023. One such important regulation is the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which safeguards the personal data rights of Californian customers. Even if your business is not physically based in California, if you serve customers from this state, you must adhere to the CCPA's requirements. Encrypting data and ensuring compliance with the CCPA and other data protection regulations protects your customers' sensitive information and prevents potential fines and legal issues.

Sales of golf carts

New golf course building is on the upswing, bolstering a $1.5 billion-per-year golf cart business. This figure is predicted to rise by 5% every year until 2032. Become a golf cart dealer - similar to a car dealer but with a smaller niche market - and take a piece of this enormous pie.


Golf coaching

If you're a seasoned golfer, why not offer to educate local beginners? Offer golf education to players of all proficiency levels, from beginner to expert, as an individual teacher or by establishing a golf school. Golf education has become a multibillion-dollar business, indicating a high need for teachers. You get to even meet some new golf mates!

Golf instruction online

Online golf instruction was popular during the pandemic and is now more frequent. Making a series of videos teaching and showing various golf abilities, for which you get to charge a membership fee, is the first step in starting an online golf instruction business. Once your videos are online, you begin to earn a solid passive income and grow your video offers over time.

Golf club repair

Golf clubs are pricey. Thus, many golfers repair their old clubs instead of buying new ones. If you're handy, start a golf club repair company in your garage by purchasing the necessary tools. It's a fantastic side hustle you need to undertake on the weekends to supplement your income. Golf club maintenance is something more to offer.


Golf blog and golf course photography

Starting a golf blog from home is possible if you have writing skills. From the finest players and newest events to the history and geographical variants of the game, just blog about almost anything golf-related. Advertising and affiliate marketing brings you money after you have a following.  Offer golf courses and professional golf course photography services, capturing breathtaking images for use in marketing materials, websites, and promotional content.

Golf catering

Golf tournament catering is a good weekend side gig for foodies and hosts. Golf tournaments are stylish and need expensive food and drinks. Catering a few events every month ends up to be fun and profitable! Chat with visitors and enjoy your party if your team handles everything.

Golf fitness centers

Establish golf fitness facilities to improve players' strength, flexibility, and physical performance. Tapping into the golf fitness trend, provide customized training, coaching, and equipment. Offer access to state-of-the-art equipment and measure their progress by helping golfers achieve their fitness goals and thereby improve your center’s reputation.

Mobile golf fitting

Launch a mobile golf club fitting business that visits players at their homes, offices, or nearby courses. Launch monitors and skilled fitters help players select the right gear. Utilise launch monitors and cutting-edge fitting technologies to offer data-driven suggestions. Partnering with golf retailers results in chances for referral bonuses or sales commissions.

Golf vacations

Create custom golf vacation packages for legendary courses worldwide. Offer luxury hotels, transportation, and golf trips to golfers seeking unforgettable experiences. Connect hands with renowned golf courses worldwide to provide special access. Gaining a reputation for planning seamless and entertaining golf trips can result in recommendations from satisfied clients and repeat business.

Golf technology and golf course software

Develop and sell golf-related technologies, including swing analysis applications, AI-powered training tools, smart golf balls, and wearable gadgets that measure and enhance performance data. Use modern innovations to stay ahead. Additionally, create golf course administration, tee time booking, and membership software. Golf clubs use this software to optimize operations and improve customer experience.


Golf podcasts and social networking platforms

Start a golf podcast or digital media outlet that includes golf news, player interviews, equipment evaluations, and course reviews. Advertise, sponsor, or sell premium subscriptions. Create a specialty social network for golfers to connect, share, and arrange games. Advertise, sponsor, or affiliate market golf-related material on YouTube, blogs, or social media.

Junior golf programs and golf charity events

Start junior golf development programs to teach and train young golfers. Partner with schools, parents, and communities to inspire a new generation of golfers. Partner with local NGOs to host charity golf tournaments or business trips. This benefits the community, promotes your business, and attracts charitable golfers. Entry fees, sponsorships, and advertising generate revenue.

Sustainable golf courses  and golf data analytics

Create eco-friendly, conservation-focused golf courses. Use renewable energy, water recycling, and eco-friendly methods to attract eco-conscious golfers and differentiate your course. Create a service that collects and analyzes golf data to help players, coaches, and golf courses enhance performance and operations.


Set up your golf business for success in 2023 and beyond

Before starting a golf business, investigate the market, competitors, and customers: set goals, marketing tactics, and financial estimates in a company plan. Stay flexible and open to new concepts and techniques to set up your golf business for success in 2023 and beyond.

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