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Young Players the Toronto Raptors Could Target in a Trade

Rumours are swirling around the Toronto Raptors right now. After a disappointing season, fans and experts don't love their odds of turning things around. They are not a favourite to win entering next year, and many online betting Ontario sportsbooks have the deck stacked against them to reach the playoffs. Naturally, many are clamouring for a trade.

The two obvious players the Raptors could move are star forwards O.G. Anunoby and Pascal Siakam. If these players are moved, many anticipate it will be for young players to jump-start the Raptors' rebuild. But which young players could potentially be on the table? Let's look at some trade options for the Raptors.

Anfernee Simons

While Damian Lillard seems like he wants out, there is still a decent chance the Trail Blazers try to keep him and make him happy with a trade for a good player. If that is the case, there is a real chance the Raptors could end up with Simons. Simons is a top-notch scoring guard with elite athleticism who catches fire from distance. He would be an exceptional complement to Scottie Barnes, compensating for Barnes's lack of shooting. If the Raptors could net Simons, it would mark a bright future for the franchise.

De’Andre Hunter/Onyeka Okongwu

Many of the rumours around Pascal Siakam have him going to the Hawks, who need a splash move. Any trade with them would likely include these two players. Hunter is a wing who can knock down threes and defend, but Okongwu might be the more intriguing prospect. He is a bouncy center that can provide elite paint defence for the Raptors. While Jakob Poetl was just signed long-term to do just that, Okongwu is a younger, cheaper option and could make Poetl expendable. With both these young players, the Raptors could look to a new future.

Andrew Nembhard

The Pacers are another likely destination for Anunoby and Siakam. A trade with them would likely bring in Canadian Andrew Nembhard, who surprised as a rookie last season. Nembhard is an excellent shooter and passer who plays a steady game that would be exactly what the Raptors need in their backcourt right now. He isn’t going to be an elite scorer, but he has all the ingredients to be a reliable starting guard who elevates the ceiling of the team. Nembhard being a Canadian is also a nice bonus that Raptors fans would surely appreciate.

Jalen Suggs

Many Raptors fans wanted Jalen Suggs with the pick that was used to select Scottie Barnes. It is a good thing management doesn't listen to fans. Still, the Raptors have the chance to acquire Suggs once again in a trade with the Magic, who have an abundance of young guards. Suggs has struggled for his first two NBA seasons, as his shot has not fallen, and he has had nagging injuries. But he has been a tenacious defender and showcased the elite athleticism that made him so touted out of Gonzaga. If given the reins to the Toronto backcourt, he would have the chance to grow and develop and could still become a star.

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