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What Happened to Scott MacArthur? He Moved to Nova Scotia

I often get emails or Twitter DMs asking me about personnel moves in radio. The question I've received more than any other the past six months is "what happened to Scott MacArthur on Newstalk 1010's The Rush?"

My answer has always been a variation of the following: "I don't know what's happened with Scott MacArthur but I hope he's okay."

Scott visited me in August 2019 and we had a fantastic chat. Then, over the next few years, we'd exchange texts or notes and he even submitted an amazing audio message for episode 1000 of Toronto Mike'd. But when he disappeared from the Newstalk 1010 airwaves in September 2022, my concerned text went unanswered.

Scott is speaking up about what happened and he's revealed that he's sold his Toronto loft and is moving to Nova Scotia permanently.

I was sick.

And the healing truly began on a day last autumn when, in a session with my amazing therapist I said, speaking about my 20-plus year corporate broadcasting career, “I’m done. I’m m*th*rf*ck*ng done.

And I have been for a long time.” I was emphatic and the look on my therapist’s face made it clear to me they believed me.

And rightfully so. That line lived inside me for seven years and rotted me to my core as I continued to fight against myself, continued to live in denial because I’m one of those bloody people pleasers who doesn’t want to “disappoint.”

I have my skill set and there is “content” coming soon. I’m content to be making the impending content with a feeling of contentment for the first time in … ……. maybe forever?? At the very least, so long ago I can’t remember.

I find it exhilarating to have more questions than answers about what generally lies ahead, and it’s amazing to actually just “be” for the first time in my life.

If you’re feeling stuck, give yourself some grace.

You’re not nearly as stuck as you think. But, as I’ve found out for myself, it is on YOU to make YOURSELF unstuck.

We have the power, and the responsibility, as adults to heal ourselves.

Lastly, as I hug this clearly hundreds-years-old tree my hiking buddy affectionately named Bella Marie, it occurs to me the only thing missing is the granola I should be crunching.

I'm just glad Scott MacArthur is no longer stuck.

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