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Examining the Arguments for the Best Provinces in Canada – and Arguing in Favour of Ontario!

According to the U.S. News world report, Canada ranks third for quality of life among the world’s nations. Only Sweden and Denmark sit ahead in the rankings, while Switzerland, Norway, Finland, and Germany clock in below Canada. Our neighbours to the south ranked 21st  here. Still, Canada is vast and has a population that’s seven times that of Denmark, so there must be differences between the provinces. Here, we try to determine which is the best province in the country.

Arguments for Ontario being the best province

This is a Toronto-based site, so, of course, the debate has to start in Ontario. Many think of Ontario as a very urban place to live, and while the cities of Toronto and Ottawa first spring to mind, the province is also one of natural wonders. Niagara Falls is the easy starting point, but beyond that, there are over a quarter-of-a-million lakes dotted around Ontario, which hold around one-fifth of all of the fresh water on the planet.

This, coupled with the stunning scenery powered by the drastic swings in temperature from the warm summers to arctic winters, makes for quite the natural backdrop to life in Ontario. On top of this, the province has proven itself to be very open to change and new ideas. This has historically been seen by the embrace of many cultural celebrations, including Carnival and Oktoberfest, as well as the latest forms of online entertainment.

It’s not difficult to find a trusted, licensed, and top-class Ontario online casino these days. Despite not being open for business for too long at the time of writing, iGaming Ontario has cultivated a world-leading state of play for online casino gaming. From platforms with thousands of games to those with hefty welcome bonuses, Ontario has fully embraced this new way to play, from online slots to live casino games.

Introducing this tech-forward form of entertainment may have even been spurred on by the strength of Ontarian software and tech industries, which continue to be major drawcards for businesses and career-minded individuals. As a final cherry on top, the Maple Leafs made it to the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs this season, and with all of the key players signed on for 2023/24, the Buds look primed for a run at the title!

How others vote and rank the provinces of Canada

You won’t be hard-pressed to find online articles that compare and contrast the provinces of Canada. At Expatra, for example, British Columbia is ranked as the best and is notable for its high living standards. At the same time, Ontario sits in second, with employment opportunities being its main selling point. B.C. being the top pick isn’t uncommon, and according to a Leger360 survey, the largest group (30 per cent) of Canadians place it as their favourite province, mostly citing its geographical splendour.

Another element in favour of looking beyond Ontario is the cost of living. A 2023 research placed Newfoundland and Labrador as the cheapest, followed by New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Notably, though, Ontario was graded as cheaper than B.C. Still, perhaps the most important report is relayed by CTV News. Ranking on several happiness factors, it was found that Caledon, Milton, Halton Hills, Clarington, and Burlington are Ontario's top five happiest large cities. That said, Toronto didn’t make the top 20.

Canada is a beautiful country that affords its citizens numerous benefits, so it deserves to be ranked highly. Ultimately, creating a firm ranking is tricky when picking a province. But personal experiences and overall reviews help to pinpoint those that rank higher than others.

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