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Things Some Borrowers Neglect When Applying for Personal Loans

The number of borrowers getting personal loans is increasing because of the advantages they get out of this financing option. Personal loans are easy to access and can be used for different purposes. Another factor that entices borrowers to apply for this loan is the creative marketing tactics of lenders.

For example, some banks and online lenders are ready to ease their stringent application process and requirements to make personal loans more accessible to borrowers. They also make the payoff terms more manageable, and sometimes they offer favorable interest rates to attract loan applicants.

Despite the benefits, a personal loan is still a loan. There is still a financial risk associated with it, and you must pay back the loan amount with the interest. Thus, it is crucial to take note of these things when borrowing a personal loan to ensure you are not in a disadvantageous position.

Financial Self-Assessment

If you intend to apply for a personal loan, it is wise to review your financial situation. You should figure out how much money you make and how much money you spend monthly. This method helps you determine the loan amount you must accept and your loan repayment strategy.

Your aim is to avoid taking out a large loan amount you will have difficulty paying. Know what will happen if you cannot pay back the loan amount plus interest: it will harm your credit rating and make it difficult for you to apply for any form of financing next time. Thus, consider your monthly income and spending before taking out a personal loan.

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Credit Score

Lenders use credit ratings to help them decide whether or not to approve a loan application. Your credit history reveals a lot about your ability to make timely payments. If you have healthy credit, the more likely it is that the lender will grant the loan you need.

Moreover, if your credit score is high, most lenders will also give you a loan at a cheaper interest rate. Therefore, it is vital to assess your credit first to see if it qualifies you for the loan amount you need and to avail yourself of certain advantages offered by the lender.

Loan Agreement

Be sure you read the loan agreement and see if the provisions are fair to you before signing it. The things that you and the lender have agreed verbally should be written in the contract. Sometimes loan applicants depend heavily on the marketing tactics and sales pitch of the lender. Avoid this attitude, and you should use your reason to your advantage.

In their marketing, lenders may not follow what they promise. They will tell you that you would receive a lower annual percentage rate and other benefits, but you will still pay the same expensive rates that other lenders impose if you are not mindful of the terms and conditions.

Read the contract carefully and check for any hidden costs you must pay when you get the loan. Ancillary costs can be heavy on your budget for repayment. Another tip is to check if the lending company is doing legal operations. Read reviews and look for a business permit from the lender.

Repayment Terms

All borrowers undoubtedly wish to avail of a personal loan they can afford. But they make the mistake of choosing a longer payoff term, thinking they can minimize the monthly payments. Many borrowers prefer this option because they assume this advantage. But, in reality, these borrowers end up spending more by choosing a longer repayment term.

Say you are lucky to get approved for a smaller monthly payment. Still, the money you spend to pay off your loan will be much more in a longer payment term than in a shorter payment period. You can pay the loan faster by opting for the latter option and can minimize the overall cost of the loan in the process.

Do the math for both options and see how much you can pay for either in the long run. Choose the most favorable and affordable option for your financial situation.

Taking Out Several Loans at Once

Be mindful of how many debts you currently have before taking another loan. If your monthly income cannot pay your existing debts simultaneously, avoid applying for a personal loan because it can ruin your credit score and plunge you into a financial problem. Always be wise in making financial decisions, especially when taking out a loan.


I hope this article helps you determine what are the things to prioritize when applying for a personal loan. Of course, there is other stuff other than what we have mentioned, but our list serves as a good starter for loan applicants. Once borrowers take note of these things, they can have great chances of getting a personal loan favorable to them.

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