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About a decade ago, a major character on Grey's Anatomy died suddenly in a car crash. I didn't watch this show, but my wife did, and she learned about this character's death because Roz Weston talked about it on his radio show the very next morning.

I talked to Roz about this, and he didn't care. He said it was news. Keep in mind, this show aired at 9pm (or was it 10pm) on a weekday night, and he was spoiling it on the radio the very next morning. I told him it was a dick move.

On Sunday, a show I watch included a major plot twist. This show aired at 9pm, and I chose to spend this time watching sports with my oldest son. My wife and I planned to watch this episode Monday night. Even though this television event wasn't spoiled for me, it was spoiled for many by those who openly Tweeted and otherwise posted about what happened. I deem this inherently selfish behavioir.

FOTM Dr. Brian Goldman had to work Sunday night, so he planned to catch up on his television Monday, but it was spoiled for him.

You'll see Sportsnet Radio host JD Bunkis sharing that he'd have zero shame spoiling a show that aired Sunday at 9am during his Monday show. "It's the one show you've gotta watch live" is what he wrote. My question is this... who deemed this "the one show you've gotta watch live"? Was there a vote? Was a declaration made to this effect? Or has JD decided that he can spoil this show, even if it's uncool to spoil others?

Of course you can spoil anything you want at any time, just as I can deem that assholic behaviour. Don't spoil television and movie plot twists. It's rude af.

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