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Every Spring A Parade Down Bay Street, Vol. 3: Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 1215

In this 1215th episode of Toronto Mike'd, Mike shares the 3rd installment of Every Spring A Parade Down Bay Street featuring David Shoalts, Gare Joyce, Liam Kelly, Gerry Hall, Jeff Sammut and Toronto Mike. This episode is exactly 53:27.

How to Succeed in Sportswriting (without Really Trying) features at least two entries a week and sometimes a fair bit more. Gare takes readers behind the scenes in the sports media and comes clean about his most abysmal failures that he had managed to mostly cover up--recent entries include Gare getting chased by police through the stands during the closing ceremonies at Boston Garden or writing the leads of a reporter with chronic writer's block--a reporter who happened to be working at a competing paper. Paid subscribers to How to Succeed in Sportswriting get exclusive stories, full access to the archive and Gare's home phone number. Subscriptions start at $5 a month.

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