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Birchmount Stadium Home of the Robbie

Our very own Barenaked Ladies had a #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100. That's kind of amazing. That song, of course, is 1998's "One Week".

At the time, they had several hits under their belts on this side of the border, but had only appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 twice. "The Old Apartment" reached #88 and a live version of "Brian Wilson" hit #68. Then, "One Week" hit. They'd only crack the top 40 on that chart one more time when "Pinch Me" went to #15.

But back to "One Week".... Not only is it amazing that jam went to the top of the charts in the USA, but that song closes with a hyperlocal shoutout to a Scarborough landmark. You can hear BNL say "Birchmount Stadium Home of the Robbie" at the very end of the song.

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