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Staying safe online in 2023: Here is what Canadians need to know

Internet safety is a challenge that not enough people talk about in Canada and around the world. Cybersecurity is not only a technology, but also a process - controlling and protecting the network, programs, devices and data. Done poorly, it can have significant negative impact on individuals and companies.

Cybersecurity tools reduce the risk of theft, attacks and eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access. Therefore, it is worth making sure that you follow the rules of use in this article and take care of your security and your data so that it does not fall into the wrong hands.

Choose safe gambling platforms

Surfing the internet is not only about visiting your favorite websites, but also about online banking, shopping and even accessing online entertainment such as gambling. Online security is extremely important as using the internet has become an integral part of our lives. This is true even when we talk about the safe online casino Canada has top offer. We always recommend spend time and money only on locally licensed gambling platforms.

Licensed casino websites will have secure payment options, which will take care of your personal and banking data. We already know that casinos work with real money, and if you choose an unsafe site, you risk sharing your data with other third parties. Always check if the site you want to play casino on has a valid license.

Use strong passwords

Passwords are actually the keys to our sensitive data. We have more and more accounts and profiles, which is why we use "weak" passwords and don't use multi-factor authentication. Unfortunately, this is a huge opportunity for cybercriminals. It is enough to use special tools that break weak, one-sided encryption, test commonly used variants, try cracked passwords on other accounts.

A strong passphrase is understood as a set of characters in the form of letters, numbers and special characters, which has a total of more than six. It is best to have a password of at least 12 characters.

While password managers used to be considered a safe tactic, recent breaches of high profile providers such as Lastpass, made many users rethink how to store and protect their profiles and passwords.

Don't use public Wi-Fi

Public and free Wi-Fi in public spaces in Toronto is a standard. Be aware that hackers may also be using the same network though. If you can't get another connection, don't connect to accounts with sensitive data.

If we are forced to connect to the Internet using a public Wi-Fi network, do not use it to connect to any portal, so do not enter any login or password there. Even secure hotel or office networks may not be secure and may be controlled by others.

Do not use unsecured sites

One of the basic ways to ensure your safety on the Internet is to visit websites that have a security certificate. Do you know why the lock in the browser bar is important? This means that the website you visited has a valid and valid certificate. It also tells you that the site is likely to prevent data interception (although it does not guarantee complete security, many phishing sites use HTTPS).

The most common reason why a browser does not trust a particular site is an outdated security certificate, its absence, or a certificate from an untrusted source. The security certificate ensures data encryption between the user and the website server.

Do not open suspicious emails

Inboxes receive countless amounts of advertisements, newsletters, and spam, especially in Canada. It's not always possible to defend against all of these, but we can certainly defend against hacker attacks, which we expose ourselves to by clicking on links in suspicious emails.

If a suspicious e-mail or an e-mail from someone you do not know has fallen into our mailbox, do not click on the links in its content, and do not click on the attachments. A common practice of online thieves is to impersonate well-known brands that we often receive emails from.

What next?

The biggest challenge is that threats are constantly and rapidly evolving, which is why it's so important to remember the ground rules and take care of your security now by investing in the right solutions.

The above rules for the safe use of the net will certainly make it easier for all Internet users to take care of security. These are the basic rules that beginners and advanced users should follow because caution is never enough. If you want to have fun and stay safe online in Canada, then you should follow all these rules.

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