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The Silent Partner

One of the great perks of having a Toronto Library Card is a free account with Kanopy where you can stream great old (and not so old!) movies. One great Toronto Christmas movie currently streaming there is The Silent Partner, an unabashedly Toronto flick!

It's a great Elliott Gould / Christopher Plummer suspence film, but the Toronto footage makes it a must-see for anyone interested in revisiting (or visiting for the first time) late-70s Toronto.

The many bank scenes are set in the newly-opened Eaton Centre, but there's so much more, including Captain John's and the Silver Dollar Room. Heck, there's even a nostalgic kick out of seeing our old money and a very young John Candy.

Here are a few more The Silent Partner mindblows:

  • The score is by Oscar Peterson, who went to school with Christopher Plummer
  • Curtis Hanson wrote the film
  • Tony Rosato has an uncredited non-speaking role
  • Elliott Gould claims he screened the film for Alfred Hitchcock, who loved it
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