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The popularity of fantasy football in Canada

The thrill of your carefully selected fantasy squad dominating your friends and family over an action-packed weekend is second to none. Our Canadian friends have also taken to this enjoyable pastime. As a matter of fact, it is the most popular fantasy football has ever been in Canada.

In case you are not sure what fantasy football is, it allows you to put your armchair coaching selections to the test and back it up with some sizable cash wins. The NFL has prolific fantasy league programming, and, in some cases, NFL fantasy in the US is even referenced during broadcasts.

The Rapid Growth of the NFL in Canada

To understand the growth in popularity of the NFL Fantasy Football League in Canada, we must first understand the growth of the actual NFL in Canada. The interesting thing about the new growth of the sport is that from 2016-2020 it was on a steady decline in Canada.

However, in 2020 there was a 19% increase by week 8, and since then, in some parts of Canada, the NFL has become more popular than the CFL. The number of Canadians that watch the NFL has grown to almost half of the population. The CFL still proves to be the more popular choice as the NFL significantly grows in popularity week after week.

How Betting on the NFL in Canada has Helped it Grow in Popularity

Canada has a lucrative and sizable gambling industry. From online slots and casinos to placing bets on the fantasy football league and even e-Sports, Canada has enthusiastically jumped in on the wagering fun.

The fact that betting on the NFL and other sports only recently became legal in Canada was the catalyst that sparked the flame of interest in placing bets on the NFL Odds, which in turn has fueled the popularity of the NFL itself.

The biggest contributing factor to the growth of fantasy football is the sense of owning your own football team. Slowly crafting your perfect squad by buying and selling players as you need to achieve glory without the barrier to entry of being a multi-billionaire.

Fantasy football also offers fans of the sport a deeper level of interaction, and it adds another level to the social side of the sport. For example, taking part in a fantasy league gives fans a reason to watch games they would otherwise not have taken an interest in. Furthermore, it elevates conversations with friends and colleagues around the sport past just the usual supporter talk to deeper and wider-reaching conversations.

Fantasy leagues also allow, those who seek it to add a level of competitiveness to relationships, as you can create private leagues with close friends and family members. Creating reasons for social gatherings and comradery that would otherwise be neglected.

Finally, the NFL  Fantasy League offers a fantastic number of bets on each game and the tournament itself. The NFL Fantasy League offers such a wide variety of bets that even the casual fan and fantasy manager will find something to bet on despite their lack of following games and outcomes.

Especially with guides available, NFL games now provide far more than just odds on who wins, loses, or the total points scored. The best fantasy NFL betting sites in Canada now offer numerous wagers on each game, from daily and in-game contests to tournament-long mega prizes.


With NFL fast becoming the most exciting and action-packed sport on the planet, it is no wonder so many Canadians are getting involved in the fantasy League linked to the illustrious Championship. The fact that it doesn't take much to learn how to play Fantasy Football alongside the social aspect makes it a great way to involve friends and family in your favorite sport. Plus, you could win some massive prizes!

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