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Terpenes for Sleep: Top-3 the Finest Ones

Every distinct bouquet of cannabis aroma you may detect before even seeing the plant is unmistakably linked to one of its active components. Terpenes, aromatic compounds responsible for the smell of many different flowers and herbs, also give cannabis its unusual aroma and contribute to its flavor. Though most terpenes are only found in low concentrations, the most prominent ones work in synergy to give various cannabis strains their distinctive aroma.

Another remarkable characteristic of the compound is its ability to create unique effects and provide therapeutic benefits. Among the most interesting therapeutic features is its sleep-supportive quality. This article will cover the three most popular terpenes for a good night's sleep, specifying the strains that contain them. If you’re a grower, that will be helpful for your selection of the strains. If you’re just a hemp fan, you’ll learn more about terpenes and find your best aromatic compound to utilize in conjunction with a relaxing bedtime routine.

General Definition of Terpenes

There are more than 150 types of terpenes. They are naturally-occurring substances that are only produced by female cannabis plants and may be found in their trichomes. Beyond being responsible for the signature scent profiles of cannabis, these elements play a crucial role in providing it with security and protection. Components contribute to the color and pigmentation of the leaves and buds, making plants more attractive to useful insects and protecting them from harmful creatures. That is important to know for every hemp grower who wants to get a quality harvest. When shopping at Farmers Lab Seeds seed bank, they must consider this nuance to select more specific strains.

The more research is done on terpenes, the more is learned about their potential benefits. Unfortunately, being volatile compounds, many terpenes can be easily lost during extraction. Nevertheless, as awareness of their therapeutic qualities grows, methods for their more sensitive extraction are developed.

Can Terpenes Help Calm and Relax?

Predominantly, they can, but everything depends on the type of terpene. Since the chemical structure of each type is different, some will be more beneficial to restful sleep than others. Some terpenes lift the mood, while others are good for calming the mind and body, decreasing stress, providing relaxation, and promoting great sleep. Sometimes using a blend of different terpenes is more beneficial, especially when needing deep relaxation and sleep support.

Top of Terpenes for a Good Night's Sleep

Researchers continue to investigate terpenes for their potential health benefits. While the precise physiological effects of each chemical may differ, most of them are either sedatives or stimulants. Here is a top-three list of terpenes that have been shown to promote restful sleep.


Even though the hemp plant has a lot of different terpenes, only caryophyllene can connect directly to the cannabinoid receptors that are located all over the body. This powerful terpene is believed to reduce inflammation, pain, and anxiety. If you have trouble sleeping because of stress and racing thoughts, this component could help. It has a pungent, pepper-like aroma and is common in cannabis strains like Candyland, Master Kush, The White, and Death Star.


Among the numerous terpenes found in cannabis, myrcene is typically the most prevalent. It is recognized for its fruity and herbal scent. Some say it helps with muscle pain and provides drowsiness, making it simple to relax before bed. If you tend to be anxious and wound up, this terpene may be able to help you calm down and unwind. Among the strains that contain this element are Grape Ape, Purple Kush, Remedy, Granddaddy Purple, and Tangie.


This component is what provides lavender essential oils with the ability to promote comfy sleep. And it can also be found frequently in cannabis plants. Linalool is the element responsible for elevating moods and reducing feelings of anxiety and stress. It's a good idea to try it and see whether it helps you fall asleep if you believe that your mental health is the reason you can't get to sleep at night. Purple Kush, Scooby Snacks, LA Confidential, and Amnesia Haze are cannabis plant strains that contain linalool.

Key Takeaways

Now you're aware of the main terpene types that can benefit your sleep. In addition, you understand this compound's huge role in the hemp plant's life cycle.

Yet it's essential to mention that the research for each terpene profile is still in its early stages. That means that studies are still ongoing, data is continually evolving, and no human trials have been undertaken in the public domain. Only preclinical studies on animals and in vitro studies were conducted that revealed the therapeutic properties of the compound. More advanced research is still needed to solidify the understanding of terpenes' effects and potential benefits.

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