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Is Chris Bumstead the Most Globally Known Bodybuilder Currently Competing?

Christopher Adam Bumstead was born on 2 February 1995 in Ontario, Canada. It is one of the most well-known bodybuilder professional athletes in the world with numerous trophies in its competition history.

The most popular title of Chris Bumstead is of course the Mr. Olympia, Classic Physique that has won it 4 times already. In addition, Chris Bumstead is operating an online presence that focuses on lifestyle and bodybuilding.

Creating and maintaining this kind of fitness needs a very hard workout and Chris Bumstead knows it more than anyone. Of course if you want to help your body handle this amount of workout more easily you can also search on Google with the search term - “buy steroid canada” - which will give you the heads up you need to start creating the bodybuilding physique you want.

Chris Bumstead Early Life And First Bodybuilding Attempts

As we already said above, Chris Bumstead was born in the city of Ontario in Canada. He was involved in weightlifting from a very young age at 14. Since then he started to love this sport and tried to focus all his free time on growing his body.

In these early years he also met with his sister’s boyfriend Lain Valiere. Lian was a professional bodybuilder at the time and he accepted to be Chris’s coach. Lian and Chris were working together since then until October 19, 2022 where Lain officially announced that he will no longer coach Chris as he wants to focus on his own bodybuilding career.

Chris Bumstead’s Professional Career

Even though bodybuilding was just a hobby for Bumstead at the beginning, he started to compete by 2014 thanks to Lain Valiere help. His debut bodybuilding show was just a regional show in his hometown where he won the junior category.

After that, he managed to make his first professional debut at the age of 19. Two years later at the age of 21 he managed to win the 2016 IFBB North American Bodybuilding Championship and claim a IFBB pro card.

After that win, Chris knew that bodybuilding was his calling and he would compete at the highest level. And this was exactly what he did. The next year make his first appearance in Mr Olympia Classic Physique category where he managed to take second place.

Chris also took part in the next year Mr Olympia Classic Physique but he again took second place. However, this time was a little different than the previous as he was suffering from a severe water retention.

Chris Bumstead’s Big Competition Wins

Chris’s big moments started in 2019 where he won for the first time the Mr Olympia, Classic Physique. This was a moment he dreamed for a lot of years and he finally succeeded. After that, Chris managed to win all the next Mr Olympia, Classic Physique competitions.

Even though the first win placed him in the list among the best active professional bodybuilders, the 2020, 2021 and 2022 wins of Mr Olympia placed him in the list among the greatest of the sport.

In a few words, Chris Bumstead is now considered one of the greatest bodybuilders the world has ever seen.

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