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Feedburner Alternative for RSS Email Subscription

Remember Feedburner? Google bought it in 2007 and then pretty much did nothing with it. I used to use Feedburner so people could subscribe to an email sourced from my blog's RSS feed. Why people don't just subscribe to the RSS feed, I'll never know, but over 100 people signed up for the email.

Then, as Google tends to do with these neat sites (hello Google Reader!), they put it into maintenance mode and killed the email subscription service. This happened over a year ago, but it was only today that I started looking into an alternative.

I wanted a service that would let people subscribe to an email that would be generated daily based on my RSS feed. Also, I wanted this service to be free. And ideally, I could import the subscribers I had with Feedburner. I could only find one service that meet these requirements, and that's

Here's a form if you'd like such an email delivered to you every afternoon. And if you're looking for a good RSS reader, I use on the daily.

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